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One month had passed after I started this blog. Thank you very very much for spending your time to read the articles! More

When you are in Japan and access web pages in Japanese language, Google Adsense returns Japanese ads but what ads will users see if the web pages are all written in English? More

According to the Adsense help page on asynchronous code, if you have ad units within a single page, you can only load adsbygoogle.js once. More

Please check that the email address matches your AdSense account address. New accounts may take up to 24 hours to appear. More

I found tons of articles explaining methods to get approval but I was not sure the exact criteria to pass so I made a list of what I did. More

Sometimes you may experience the discomfort of selecting texts against your will More

I thought this workaround was convenient because by preparing a javascript file, you don't need to add onload script on each page. More

Just taking notes on one useful way to add a link to div tag without use of javascript More

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Hi I'm KoReKuRai, which means 'About this much' in Japanese. Living in Kanagawa prefecture located near Tokyo, Japan. I'm an IT engineer working mostly at non-domestic companies for over 12 years, now spending much time with my 2 year old son. This blog is all about business work style, job transfer, interview, travel, business trips, site development, programming, childcare, health from a Japanese perspective. Ignore my Japanese English and hope you feel interested. You can contact me at here. Thanks for your attention.

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